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About Our Market Data
Our fixed income prices represent firm offers to sell through the CBID™ fixed income marketplace. Market subscribers have direct access to buy securities based on these prices.

“Today’s Markets” windows are updated between 9:00 AM EST and 4:00 PM EST.

“Featured Quotations” highlight lines of particular interest to traders.

Our “Closing markets” represent best offer-side prices as of market close on CBID™. Regular close is 4PM EST. On days prior to holidays, market close is generally 1PM EST. The display highlights closing Canada Benchmarks, and active Corporates, Strips, & Provincials. The tabbed region at the bottom of the page provides select listings from CBID™’s marketplace.

Offer prices represent the wholesale prices that investors can expect to pay to purchase the securities.
The term 'Eff. Maturity' is the effective maturity of the security. Call features may make this maturity different from the nominal maturity or the security.

About CBID™
Perimeter CBID™ is Canada's only electronic, multi-dealer Canadian fixed income marketplace operated specifically for the wealth management marketplace. It is operated by Perimeter Markets Inc. - Member of CIPF & IDA. More information can be found on Perimeter and CBID™ at